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Im postin today

2010-11-08 09:02:38 by Br00talB0nes

I'll be posting some more Art and Possibly a song today

Also I'd like to say my real pen name is "Breezy Tee" not "BrootalBones" and I have a t-shirt company called Breezy Teeze.
Also drop a message if you need a logo for something. I want to get my designs out there and I'll make you a logo for free :]
~ Stay Breezy


2010-10-18 08:25:53 by Br00talB0nes

WTF someone scout my art please?

Using again

2010-08-19 13:12:10 by Br00talB0nes

Ima start using newgrounds again.
posting art soon.


2010-05-16 21:53:59 by Br00talB0nes

Shot up mad brews today.
Smoked a bunch of dubs.
Chill with some bros.
That's the life.

I'm gonna post some art for my band soon.
it'll be p-cool


Just perfected

2010-05-12 21:52:46 by Br00talB0nes

i just got all the medals for Chaos Faction 2

Just perfected


2010-05-09 20:32:33 by Br00talB0nes

This site is
ima get mad medals
get at me.